Leda Vin

The company is established in 1991 in Vinica as a public retail trade company of food and consumer goods. In the beginning the company had only one market but meanwhile three more markets were opened, all on the territory of Vinica. The company changed its name in L eda As in 1991..

The company founders are Vlado and Lena Efremovi who are the general managers of the mostly family business. After the company name is changed the general mamagers decided to expand the business and transform it from retail into production company. The production process begins with toilet paper and napkins. In 2000 the production expanded with aluminium foil, PVC foil and baking paper. The V wiper dispensers are one of the newest products.

The company is working successfully in its field mostly on the territory of Macedonia and the manufacturing plant is in Vinica. Meanwhile the company changed its name into L eda-Vi. Производите се продаваат на територијата на цела Р.  Македонија, а производствениот погон се наоѓа во Виница.


Engels No.6, 2310
Vinica, Rep. Macedonia


+389 33 361 937
+389 78 526 119
+389 75 354 637